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                  The second customized enterprise employment of Jingning human resources successfully held

                  Release Time:2016-06-27 Origin:http://www.transformingchaplaincy.org

                  From June 15, 2016 to June 17, Hangzhou Athey computer technology co., LTD. held a special job fair for the training students of Jingning human resources. The company's technical director Bi, project manager Chen, personnel manager Ding, these three people conducted written examination and interview for grade 2014 students of software technology and the Internet of things in the Guanggu software park of Hopu headquarters, finally a total of 10 students signed a contract with Hangzhou Athey computer technology co., LTD, they came from vocational college of land and resources of Hubei province and Wuhan engineering institute.



                  The graph is the signing scene on June 17, 2016, 

                  Hangzhou Athey computer technology co., LTD is committed to the computer application system and the integration, development and application of the automatic identification technology, and it takes the lead in the domestic IT industry and launches a "supply chain management concept”. In addition to master the core of the advanced computer application software development technique, Athey involves code technology, RFID, wireless network technology, mobile data collection technology, mobile computing application technology, Internet technology and other professional fields. Through system integration and development experience accumulated for many years, the company successively puts forward and implements application solutions for multiple industry, and its services and products cover in garment manufacturing, retail, electronic machinery, pharmaceutical manufacturing, logistics and other fields.



                    The interviews on June 15, 2016

                  The three leaders of Athey technology introduced the enterprise culture, enterprise system and the related enterprise prospect to students in detail, and they were patient to answer the relevant questions put forward by students on the work and life. They gave high praise to their professional abilities in the college and their comprehensive quality, they hoped that the Hopu students could grasp the opportunity and grow up together with the enterprise in the future.


                                                           Manager Bi introduce the enterprise’s condition to the students 

                  On June 23, 2016, teacher Duan Junhong10 of Jingning led students to go to Hangzhou Athey computer technology co., LTD, helped them to induce and arrange accommodation for students.


                                                                                         Students applied for entry clearance in science and technology conference room of Athey 


                  The picture shows the group photo of the students in Athey

                  Through this special recruitment, Athey and Jingning has reached a cooperation agreement on a long period, and Athey becomes one of Hopus practice base for students in Hangzhou. Later, Jingning will continue to cooperate with IT companies all over the country to create more and better jobs for  its students. Please look forward to the next special recruitment!

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