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                  Take talents as the core, and take Hou as the method
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                  The summary speech of Hopu chairman Chen Xiangyang made in the university-enterprise cooperation con

                  Release Time:2016-06-17 Origin:http://www.transformingchaplaincy.org

                  On June 14, 2016, Wuhan Hopu enterprise group chairman Chen Xiangyang, executive vice President and chief technology officer Weng Gaofei jointly participated in the university-enterprise cooperation conference in Yunnan land and resources vocational college. On the way to vocational education development, the university-enterprise cooperation is the inevitable stage in education reform, the super quality of vocational education development needs the two sides to conduct continuous exploration and innovation. The conference made the college leadership have a comprehensive knowledge of Hopu, and it also laid a good foundation for promoting our cooperation with the university.


                  Wuhan Hopu enterprise group chairman Chen Xiangyang made an excellent speech in the university-enterprise cooperation conference in Yunnan land and resources vocational college, the following was part of summary:

                  Just now, Gaofei (deputy managing director and technical director Weng Gaofei) has introduced what Hopu has done and how we did that for many years in the IT field of vocational education, I add one point: why we do so? I would like to make a report and communicate with all the teachers. If we say the essence of education is teaching, "five dockings" is the rule of vocational education: major setting in line with industry demand, course content in line with professional standards, teaching process in line with the production process, graduation certificate in line with professional qualification certificate, and vocational education in line with lifelong learning. Actually, in the enterprise’s view, it seems only one docking: We're talking about information technology major, so that is to say IT talents supply in line with IT talents demand.

                  There is no doubt that colleges and universities is the main channel of supplying the talents. In the era of industrialization, mechanical and electrical technology was the core technology to promote social and economic development; therefore, the core and dominant majors in engineering colleges are machinery, electric power, electrical control, such as Huazhong university of science and technology in Wuhan, Kunming university of science and technology in Yunnan. At information age, the information technology is the core technology to promote the development of social economy; thus, the core and dominant majors in engineering colleges should be information technology. Informatization promotes new industrialization, and social economy is at the stage of transformation and upgrading, which inevitably requires the integration of traditional majors and information technology, and therefore determines the special structure layout and construction of the university.

                  As we all know, traditional majors are comparatively mature and stable through long-term development. We also know Moore's law that the development of information technology is especially rapid and it upgrades so fast; it determines that we have to update significantly the IT professional talent training scheme, course system, teaching material and so on in each year and a half to two years. Hopu has a technology center with some million invested a year, it is full-time to do IT software engineering. From IT, ICT, DT to Internet of things, Cloud computing, Big data to 3D, Internet +, to Industry4.0, Intelligent manufacture, Artificial intelligence and so on, the core technology is the software technology. We can say the software technology is the most innovative technology of creativity, which is also the most important to reflect the enterprise value.

                  Hopu has been working with IT industry ten years, including IT products research and development implementation service, IT vocational education, IT human resources services; in the foreseeable future, Hopu will continue to focus on IT. So, the first are the education products, and then is the teaching. Students spend 3 or 4 years on more than 20 or 30 courses in traditional teaching in colleges and universities, and the courses are taught by more than 20 or 30 teachers, that is knowledge transfer. Honestly, vocational college students’ foundation is bad with bad learning habits and self-control ability, and under the traditional teaching mode, students cannot sit still, listen and learn, leading to the very low corresponding employment rate of IT professional graduates, most even cannot have the access to the interview of the enterprise with career change after graduation.

                  IT major teaching needs to use task-oriented and project-driven teaching method: a teacher teaches 5or 6 courses every school year, and what I said is a professional course; he guides students to complete the task similar to apprenticeships. Starting from the function module, we can make the student obtain visual and tangible results, experience a sense of achievement, and enhance their self-confidence and arouse interest; gradually, we help them finish the small and medium-sized project to enterprise project, and they will gain a greater sense of accomplishment with more confidence and interest. In this way, a sense of accomplishment, confidence and interest is promoted gradually in circulation; in the project process, the knowledge, skills and professional quality, including engineering ability, team spirit and communication skills, get synchronous accumulation of ascension. In the time of graduation, his (her) ability on various aspects is equivalent to one IT professional person who has working experience in a year or so; such graduates are needed by the enterprise. Then it is the employment. Vocational education cultivates the skilled talents, and their jobs mainly include technical workers, the builder, transactional employees, etc.

                  It can be said that  IT software major is the only job that the vocational graduates can be engaged in to work on product research and development, and his (her) career development space will be greatly different, which will also promote the value of social mobility with underestimated effect. Sometimes I communicate with students: "vulgarly speaking, your married partners in the future will not be in the same hierarchy compared to your other professional students ". At the same time, most Chinese IT enterprises belong to medium small and micro-sized enterprises, and the research and development jobs can't be mass recruitment like traditional majors, the research and development department also hope s diversified sources of employees, therefore, it is common that IT companies recruit 1 ~ 2 employees from the same class in the same major in the same college.

                  In addition, because of the fast development in IT industry, there are more uncertain factors in IT, so it is impossible for us to predetermine the human resource demand in a few years ahead of schedule. So, the so-called university-enterprise "order training agreement" signed between employers and universities cooperation pattern is not suitable for IT.

                  Based on these thinking and understanding, after many years of unremitting efforts, Hopu explores and sums up a set of "integration" IT personnel training mode and the IT professional university-enterprise cooperation mode. The rate of the graduates’ quality employment, including counterpart employment rate, salary, job satisfaction, has improved in essence. The practice certificate shows that it is suitable for the characteristics of the college vocational students, the IT technical characteristics, IT industry characteristics and the IT professional characteristics.

                  The "integration" of  the integration of IT personnel training mode” and the integration of the IT professional university-enterprise cooperation mode” is reflected in the following aspects:

                  1. ECDIO integration. E,environment,Social economic background analysis; C,conceive,general plotting; D,design,The design of curriculum system and the management control system; I,implement,organization and implementation; O,operate,operation improvement. From the talent and professional orientation to product service operations, there is iterative operation with no end.

                  2.The integration of admission, teaching and employment. Recruitment is doing the career planning for students, teaching needs a project- driven and fine control process, and the employment needs personalized matching services.

                  3.The integration according to their aptitude. According to their talents, skills, interests, we classify the student into segments corresponding to IT enterprise development, implementation and market structure, perfect the construction of the IT professional structure, and maximize the talent rate of the student.

                  4.The integration of knowledge, skills and quality. In the process of completing the project task, the students' accomplishment sense, confidence and interest gradually increase in the circulation, they obtain a good learning experience, and the knowledge, skill and quality ascend simultaneously to ensure the graduates have the ability of the sustainable development in IT industry for a long time.

                  5.The integration of IT products production, IT vocational education and IT human resources services. Cooperative integration on the basis of special business can maximize cultivation quality and efficiency.

                  6.The integration of colleges and enterprises. Education is a special field, which needs the stability and specifications of the colleges and universities; the rapid development of IT particularly needs the innovation and efficiency of the enterprise. Complementary advantages have the win-win cooperation.

                  "Integration" means that each link is indispensable and all aspects are inseparable.

                  That is what I have said, thank you for your time. If there is anything incorrect, please correct me criticism. Thank you very much.

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